Why Heating Mounting Tool is a Good Choice?

Accuracy can help to solve quite a few issues. If it is combined with cleanliness, proper equipment and expertise, your bearings would be really happy. As bearings play a major role in the functioning of the machines, it is necessary to keep them a bit happy. Though these inanimate metal objects cannot feel happiness, their performance will make the manufacturer happy. Possibly no one would ever like to face premature failing issue multiple times.

Every year millions of bearings are created and very small percentage of it actually fails. When stored, handles and maintained properly, bearings are made to outlast the equipment itself. There is nothing to be surprised about if you find the bearings in a good shape when as the machines go down. It is just the signs of professional handling and maintenance. Bearings really have a long life and one can actually make good use of it. The bearings that fail are often due to the mistakes we make with them. From storing, mounting to maintenance, bearings must be handled carefully to make them perform to their fullest.

Mounting mistakes

Premature failure is often caused by mistakes during mounting the bearings. Wrong pressure or accumulation of contaminants make the bearings fail earlier than it should. The Instruction must be followed properly in order to ensure proper mounting. Depending on the size of the bearings, proper amount of lubricant must be used during the process. There is usually a preservative on the bearings.

This material does not require complete cleaning except on the outer ring and bore surface. Following the instruction on the preservative helps to know exactly what should be done. Another major mounting mistake is accumulation or introduction of contaminants. It is always suggested that bearings must be mounted in a clear area free of any dust or contaminants which can intervene with the performance and longevity. Wrapping the machine also helps in ensuring protection from contaminants in open space.

Tools are necessary

Mounting refers to the process of fitting the bearings into the house or onto the shaft. Fitting damage cause 16% of all premature failures. The method has significant effects on performance. Both cold and hot mounting methods are effective. Cold mounting methods includes oil injection method, drive-up method and mechanical way. While electric hot plates and heating cabinets and bearing heater mounting tool (เครื่อง heat bearing, term in Thai) falls under the hot mounting process. The mechanical way includes bead blow hammer, fitting tool, socket and spanner.

Small bearings with cylindrical bore can be effectively mounted with the help of this technique. Oil injection reduces the friction and is good for mounting large bearings with tapered bore. Hydraulic technique is used in drive up method which is efficient in mounting tapered bored medium to large bearings on tapered seat. Heater is one of the most effective ways of mounting bearings. This method includes tools like yoke, heat resistant gloves and induction heater. The set of electric hot plate and cabinet is easier to use.