What to Know when Buying a Binder

When picking a binder, a lot of people fail to choose the right ring size. The size of a ring binder is measured based on the size of the ring instead of the binder spine’s width. The overall size of the rings should be bigger than the stated inch-size since the ring should go around the content for users to close it.

Kinds of Binder Rings

Binder rings are categorised into the following types:

  • Round ring. To identify a round or O-Ring binder’s sheet capacity, it’s important to measure across the inside diameter of the rings. A round ring is the most common for standard capacity. Often, this ring is mounted to the spine.
  • D-ring. The sheet capacity of this binder ring can be determined by measuring the straight portion of the ring style shape. D-ring binders can hold up to 25 percent more paper than a Round Ring binder. The D-ring is mounted to the back cover to make the pages lie flat.

The sheet capacity or number of paper a binder can hold will depend on its size and the kind of ring style. It varies somewhat depending on the binder manufacturer you will use as a resource.

Binder Types

When buying a binder, you will have to pick from any of these binder types, depending on what you are using it for:

  • Storage Binder. A storage binder is used for documents that not frequently accessed such as annual records or information that must be archived. This binder is usually called a specialty binder. Since it is accessed infrequently, it’s often picked with a feature that enables them to hang. Typically, the binder is selected with a stiff cover.
  • Presentation Binder. A presentation binder can be used for proposals, reports, and presentations. Usually, this binder is called a Clear View, Clearview, or Clear Overlay binder. They have a clear vinyl overlay on front, spine, and back. Separate customised information can be created underneath the vinyl that can be inserted as a title page or any information you wish to display on the back, front, and spine.
  • Reference Binder. This binder is meant to be used for frequently used documents such as files, manuals, and workbooks. It is usually called a general use binder. Since it is intended to be used often, ensure you buy a durable reference binder. Typically, a binder of this kind does not include a clear view overlay on the front. But, it is frequently picked with inside pockets and a label holder or spine label sleeve.