5 Things Jobseekers Must Keep In Mind During This Pandemic

The world is in the middle of a pandemic that has halted the normal way of life as an economic crisis looms above. Many companies have laid off millions of employees, all of them scrambling desperately for ways to earn money and support their families. That definitely doesn’t sound like the ideal condition to apply for jobs, does it?

But even now, companies are hiring. You just have to make sure you are prepared well enough to stand out to your prospective employer. Here are some tips that will assist you to bag that job you are looking for.

  1. Applying For A Job

A normal CV or a resume won’t make the cut. In order to stand out in the massive number of resumes, you need something that can show them how well-rounded you are. Make use of the new technology and create an interactive website as a part of your resume, or a video where you can introduce yourself in an interesting way. You can also avail the services of an employment and staffing agency, like that of Bureau de recrutement Hunt, which is an expert in this arena.

  1. Ace The Interview

The way companies are recruiting people has undergone a huge change. They have now turned to video conferencing in order to interview candidates. In order to look competent and make a good first impression, familiarize yourself with the technology. Make sure the internet connection is strong and learn how to switch the audio and video settings on and off.

  1. Negotiate Carefully

Due to the current economy, it is better not to expect much when it comes to salary. While you don’t need to show that to your employer, you can look upon what the typical salary is for the job and prepare to negotiate for a raise in your pay.

  1. Adapt To Technology

Each company will have their ways of working and their preferred software to keep things organized and running. You must learn to adapt to their technology by learning about all the important aspects of the software. This will make you competent enough to manage your things on your own.

  1. Be Considerate

Always keep in mind that during the course of the pandemic, many have suffered losses. People are working without pay, risking their lives to protect ours. Apart from that, many people must have experienced the effects of coronavirus first-hand. It is a hard time for the entire world and you must keep that in your mind during any conversations.

Good luck with your job hunt!