Your Options in the Perfect tax Deals

If you were ill or disabled in the year of declaration and you incurred costs for this, certain medical expenses are tax-deductible and you will have to pay less tax or you will get more back. This concerns costs that are not covered by your insurance. The premium you paid for your health insurance does not count towards this. This will be small business taxes made easy now.

Calculate your refund

Calculation For Tax Refund Amount

You will receive an annual statement for the past year from every employer at the beginning of the new year. It is important to keep it safe so that you have the data at hand for reclaiming your tax. To calculate how much money you can get back, you need a number of details from your annual statement (or annual statements, for multiple jobs you add the amounts together):

  • The total amount you paid in tax, which can be found under the heading ‘ payroll tax.
  • The total amount you have received in wages, which can be found under the heading ‘ loon wage tax / national insurance.
  • The total amount that you received in employed person’s tax credit.
  • The total amount you received in other income on which no tax has yet been paid.

The total amount that you have received in benefits

In none of these cases will your student finance or benefits received count. You can therefore disregard this when reclaiming the tax.

Tax is the most important and sustainable source of finance for development in a society. Yet there are rich people, banks and multinationals who pay little or no tax through tax havens supported by armies of accountants, lawyers and lobbyists. This elite is completely dependent on government-funded infrastructure and institutions and a publicly trained workforce to make a living. But by avoiding the tax, they do not contribute to this themselves. This leads to more and more public domain wealth falling into private hands. This disrupts the economy, undermines democracy, and robs people of the vital public services we need to live.


Tax avoidance creates greater inequality in Europe and in the Netherlands. The consequences of this can be felt. Because large companies pay less tax, we will have to pay more tax to cover the state budget. In 2002, employees in the country accounted for 49 percent of tax revenue. Ten years later that is 57 percent. The opposite applies to capital: 20 percent in 2002, 14 percent in 2012. Nowhere have the shifts been so great.


Small businesses are also made more difficult. They cannot benefit from the favorable tax rate offered to multinationals. These SMEs do pay taxes. Competition with the large multinationals is thus only more problematic, because the gap widens: the large companies are only getting bigger, because of not paying taxes. For example, Amazon paid just 1 percent tax on European revenues over the past 10 years, a huge contrast to the tax rates faced by small businesses and employees.