Why do you need cargo insurance?

Over the past years, the import and export business has significantly grown in India. This has given different opportunities for the business to flourish and grow. A lot of shoppers these days avoid using cargo insurance which eventually results in a huge amount of loss. 

Having cargo insurance can play an important role in lowering the chances of cargo loss. Shipping cargo is a dangerous journey and you need to be extremely careful with it. When you are shipping cargo, a lot of companies, people and ports are involved in it. Therefore, the cargo is at high risk of being damaged. As a result, you should be careful while handling it. Irrespective of the carrier, you should be expecting a certain amount of damage and also be knowing that these people would never acknowledge their fault. However, having pickup carrier insurance will help you cover for the value of goods. 

Cargo Damage is very common hence you should always consider the risk

Even though you might not want to, but you should always be considering that your cargo is under threat. The most common of cargo damage such as theft, storm, ship sinking, container loss and more. Identity theft and piracy are some of the most common types of cargo theft risks. 

Another major risk for cargo threat is fictitious pickup. As a result, the carrier companies are becoming more careful about cargo theft. This is eventually helping them to save their cargo. However, one of the best ways to secure your cargo is to get insurance for that. Even if you are careful, you can become a victim of cargo theft. 

Research has shown that over time, the risk of cargo getting lost in the sea has become very common. Therefore, shippers are preferring to insure their cargo to protect them against potential risk. 

Damage risk is increasing

Various wrong decisions have contributed the increased risk of cargo damage. The choice of container, it’s condition, packaging and ventilation an important role to play in the cargo. These factors however increase the chances why you should be getting cargo insurance. 

If you are an Amazon customs broker, you should be getting cargo insurance for your business. Having cargo insurance will help to ensure better cargo release irrespective of the type you chose. Cargo damage is a very common issue. Being a little considerate and careful can prove to be helpful for you.