Necessary Cybersecurity Techniques In Order To Reduce The Risk Of Hacking

Cybersecurity is a vulnerable aspect for businesses of all kinds and all sizes. Even giants like Marriot, Google, Facebook, and Uber have suffered monetary losses and the data security breach at the hands of unethical hackers. Despite efforts, unethical hackers are still able to penetrate within the security layers. Not necessarily incompetence, rather, it indicates negligence on the part of users. Cyber experts suggest a bundle of techniques that can prevent the data and make hacking very difficult. All that’s required of you is to adopt all those techniques and implement them. The best ones are listed below.

  1. Hire Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers are white hat hackers that use their precise skill sets to help companies unearth bugs and fix them so that unethical hackers cannot exploit those bugs to launch a malware attack on the company. Hiring them isn’t a very difficult process. You need to run a bug bounty program to seek their help.

  • Before releasing your software for testing, make ethical hackers sign a secrecy contract that inhibits them to lawfully use the user data in any manner.
  • Lay down your conditions about the only permissible tools that you’re allowing for testing your software.
  • Once ethical hackers find a bug, you need to pay a bounty in return.
  • There’s a time of 3 months within which you have to fix the identified bug.
  1. Use Network Segmentation

Do not save the entire sensitive data in one single network. Instead, follow the network segmentation technique by forming many independent networks instead of one. Now, save only bits of information in the networks. As a result, hackers will not be able to launch a malware attack throughout the company at once. Hackers will need time to penetrate the malware in other networks. This will buy extra time for your internal cybersecurity team to back up the data of the hacked network. It reduces the damage by a very large extent.

  1. Establish Reliable Communication Means

You might be having different cybersecurity techniques installed, but nothing offers bulletproof security on the web. Which is why it’s important that you are ready to handle the malware attack if it happens. You need to have a smart response team that can identify the attack as soon as possible. Besides, it’s important that the employees should be made aware of the attack within minutes. It reduces the risk of malware spread.