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A shop is a place meant for dealing directly with the customers. So, when it comes to designing the shop, its visibility is the main objective. How it is different from others or what unique it offers can be conveyed by using architectural elements. Some give shop a unique design; others used taglines or catchy brand names; and a few others take help of signs like neon signs or architectural signs. Let’s find out what types of signs can be used for the designing and promotion of a shop.

  1. Neon Signs

Neon Signs are the handmade products made using glass tubes heated and bent in different shapes and fonts. The tubes are filled with the neon or other types of inert gases such as xenon, krypton, argon, etc. The ends of the tubes are connected with electrodes and the gas is filtered off from all impurities before putting it to use.

The neon signs are also called glow signs. Since the glass tubes are hand-bent, the makers can experiment with as many shapes and sizes as desired. Every neon sign is unique and made on order. It can be made in the shape of an alphabet, number, phrase or quote, a tagline, a brand name, and a logo or sign and so on. The best use of neon sign is utilized in the dark hours of the day when these illuminate the place and indicate the presence of the shop or establishment from a distance apart.

  1. Glass furniture

This is useful for the interiors of the shop. Mostly every shop has a table or a display. This display can be made by adhering two glass sheets together with the help of UV bonding. The process converts the fragile glass into a toughened glass and provides a sturdy surface for making eye-catching display cases. The products inside gets enhanced in looks and appeal when placed inside the glass display. The other products made as glass furniture are glass vases, cabinets and tables that are made with UV bonding. These products offer the great place for displaying the items on sale and also offer a unique addition to the space that can enhance its look and feel.

  1. Signage

Signage is a board that is hung at a height or outside the shop to attract the passers-by. This sign forms essential visual merchandise and is one of the most used marketing and publicity materials. The signage can be inspired from the retro elements and made into vintage signs. These are provided with the neon gas filling that illuminates it in dark and ensures the visibility of the sign from a distance. Signage is nothing less than a landmark when you get the design correct and are able to create an indelible impression on the minds of the visitors. Such high quality signage is now possible to achieve with the ace sign makers of the UK serving customers since decades.

  1. Cold cathode lighting

These are pretty to look and actually add lot of oomph to the ambiences. Mostly designed in concealed ceiling lights look, the cold cathode lights offer the solution for adding sophistication to interiors. The places of commercial importance like hotels, restaurants, resorts, banquet halls, etc. get their signature look with many elements including cold cathode lights. So, you can also upgrade the looks of your shop with cold cathode lighting and make it a nice place to visit. It helps in saving energy bills too!

Find out more about the signage and other lighting solutions that your shop needs to look a landmark in the region and get them done from the best makers in town for amazing results!