Molded pulp packaging can also be referred to as molded fiber. Molded pulp packaging is an eco-friendly packaging material that is made from basically recycled paperboard or usage newsprint, these packaging materials are used by companies as protective packaging, they can also be used as food service trays as well as beverages trays. Their other uses are random trays, end caps, bowls, plates, and even clamshell containers. Molded pulp packaging is made from the process of recycling paper which simply has to waste paper into new paper products and using these has several benefits such as saving waste paper from littering places and producing methane when breaking down. However, there are about three categories of paper that we can make use of as materials for making recycled paper in the process of making molded pulp packaging, examples of these papers are mill broke, pre-consumer water, and post-consumer waste.

In the manufacturing of paper, the mill broke is the paper trimmings and other scraps that are gotten from the process of making papers and these materials can be used in making molded pulp packaging, while pre-consumer wastes materials that are left after the paper mill but were disposed before its readiness for use by the consumer, the post-consumer wastes are materials that are disposed of after usage by consumers, examples of these are, newspaper, old magazines, and old corrugated containers. The papers that are suitable for the recycling process in the making of molded pulp packaging are referred to as scrap paper. The process of recycling paper involves having to mix the paper scraps with water and chemical to ensure that is properly broken down in other to achieve a molded pulp packaging at the end of the process.

Molded pulp packaging is referred to as a sustainable packaging material by the sustainable packaging coalition because it is produced from recycled contents and can as well be re-used again by subjecting it through the process of recycling. Molded pulp packaging can as well be designed in a way that it is waterproof by the addition of wax as its coating. Molded pulp packaging has a wall thickness of about 1.5mm – 6.0mm, the surface is often very rough on one side and moderately smooth on the opposite side. And this product can be used as an edge and edge protector, auto replacement parts, heavy item packaging, and molded pulp pallet trays. However, beyond the basic form of the molded pulp packaging are some advanced types that are subjected to advanced processing such as coating, printing, trimming, hot-pressing and many other advanced activities to produce many kinds of custom applications.