What features should an online mentoring platform include?

Online mentoring platforms have changed the picture of mentoring. People now have more of the best mentors around the world.

They can search for the kind of mentor they are looking for according to their needs, and the internet will provide an uncountable number of results based on their preferences.

However, the process doesn’t get any easier.

It would be best if you still put your honest efforts into dinging the best mentor for you. There are many parameters for which platforms should be eligible before becoming your final choice.

So, what exactly should online mentoring platforms include for them to be your first preference.

There is a set of essential things that mentoring platform should include. These are-

Match: there should be an algorithm in the mentoring platform websites wherein one can choose their mentor. The mentee can lay down the specifications about what they are looking for, and the results may come accordingly.

These may ensure better relationships and a great learning experience.

History: a separate space for past activities. The mentor and mentee must record the total time spent, connections, rematches, and more.

This will further help navigate one’s activities on the website.

Online forum: feedback is one of the most vital things a website should have a column for. An online platform asked the mentees and mentors about their experiences, changes they would like to see on the website, modulations, or more.

It will help in identifying the weak problems which were otherwise overlooked. And therefore, it can help with the overall development of the mentoring platform.

Push notifications: Push notifications to ensure mentees do not miss any lessons or new updates. It can also be for a few minor suggestions for the mentee.

Chat: communication is essential for any relationship. Therefore, there should be separate sections allotted for chatting purposes. Along with the built-in chat option, other modes like zoom call or google meet should be available.

Search: search bars can be helpful for the mentee to find anything on the website.

Things to consider when starting on mentoring platforms

Set your goals: what do you expect from your bond? What goals do you have in mind regarding your future projects?. You to gain some clarity in your goal-aiming.

Exciting skills: run detailed research on what new skills people are eager to learn these days. The IT and computer-related knowledge never fail to excite the audience. Get a little insight into these trends.

Proper structure: Building the correct system is very important. Your mentoring platforms have three main characters:

  • The mentor
  • The mentee
  • The mentoring program manager will solve the problems, if any

Participants’ profile: don’t overlook going through the mentee’s profile. This will also help you understand your potential mentee beforehand.

Types of mentoring

Individual Mentoring

It is the foremost widespread and regarded as the most effective online mentoring jointly mentored with one mentee. It permits each of them to develop a decent relationship; therefore, the mentor will offer individual steering and support to the mentee. All the issues and solutions square measure mentioned in private.

Group Mentoring

This mentoring involves one mentor interacting with a bunch of mentees World Health Organization has a similar mentorship goal. It proves extraordinarily economical among people World Health Organization looks for additional motivation and inspiration on their journey. However, as usually is the case with teams, scheduling mentoring sessions that may accommodate everyone proves somewhat troublesome.

Collective Mentoring

In this mentoring style, users notice apprentices with similar business issues but different industries to support one another.

Examples of online mentoring platform


This platform can attach vetted developers to novice ones via one-on-one live mentorship. Funded by twelve investors, the platform is changing into progressively standard for online mentorship. The platform has received funding of $3.4 million to grow its online education business into a marketplace.

Askme network

This mentoring platform comes up with world-class mentoring services. One can get access to individual classes with the best mentors around the world. You can also have more one-to-one sessions at a reasonable price.


It is a premium network of execs that connects founders and marketers with fully-fledged mentors to assist in hacking your learning curve. Associate rising name within the online mentoring business offers founders and marketers a simple and cheap thanks to connecting with the proper folks to assist them in growing professionally.


The platform helps people figure with leading technical school mentors and access customized steering to achieve their potential. This platform’s growing quality additionally depicts online mentoring’s reach within the current market.

Above mentioned platforms area unit innovative examples to visualize how briskly the business is growing and the potential of this business. Market trends like the employment of the web and apps area unit can emerge mutually as the first drivers of the market. Get in touch with your mentor today.