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Jewelry is one of the industries that are prone to theft. It becomes important for a business to protect your inventory from cyber-attacks. Fraud, malicious computer virus, and data theft are some of the factors that can have greater financial influence on your business.

Security is why is your pearl jewelry business susceptible to cyber-attacks?

The first and foremost reason why your business needs security from cyber-attacks is to safeguard personally identifiable information. If your business is storing records in an electronic format, like taking payment through credit card or making payment to employees, then you will be working with “personally identifiable information”. There are different types of necklaces, out of which pink pearl necklace is very much in demand among teenage girls.

This type of information includes details that go beyond public knowledge, such as account numbers driver’s license numbers and social security numbers. When that data gets breached, then it creates big news. It can even cause potential damage to the reputation of your pearl jewelry business. This makes it very important to keep it safe from online attack.

Tips to secure your critical business data

  • Use encrypted hard drive

In order to safeguard your critical business data, it is important to choose an encrypted hard drive to store all your valuable business data. In a way, the chances of violation of information would be reduced.

  • Keep your software updated

Hackers mainly aim on all weak zones in software. To overcome weaknesses in software, companies mostly release software updates in the form of patches. These patches fix those weak zones and make your software strong and less vulnerable to attacks. So, it is important to keep track of these patches and update your software on a regular basis.

  • Beware of drives and software

A file sharing software or flash drive can easily access your files and result in a data breach. This information can easily get into the hands of criminals.


Nowadays many jewelry businesses are present online. Due to increasing chances of online threats, it is very important to employ proper data security measures to prevent any violation or breach of identifiable information. All these tips will ensure your business data remains safe and secure at all times while enjoying the benefits of online business.