Long-Term Trading Strategy In Binary Options

The long-term trading strategy for binary options should be taken very carefully, although we gain security by avoiding volatility a bit, it is not advisable to use a lot of volumes “an operation with high money” in it.

This Strategy is straightforward and is based on analyzing a financial product over time and predicting its possible trajectory in days, weeks or months following only its trend, being an operation that is not short-term we avoid complications due to volatility. This is the real advantage of this long-term trading strategy.

To use this long-term trading strategy, it is advisable to use products with low volatility that generally follow a trend and, of course, choose a binary options broker that allows trading for weeks or months.

Now what we should do is open a free Demo account, after opening a demo account and install MetaTrader 4 “5” or another platform where we can analyze, we will look for either currency, raw materials, indices or stocks where we identify an almost defined trend.

After opening MetaTrader, and choosing a financial product, we will put a simple moving average of 20 periods “moving average” for 4H charts and an exponential moving average of 14 moving average periods for a daily period onwards. Now in the chart when we see five consecutive Japanese candles that close without touching at any time the moving average, we can do an operation either in CALL or in PUT according to what the trend indicates.

Now we will see an example of a 4H chart of the USD/JPY that indicates five signals to do operations of which four left positive one a negative.

Long-Term Trading Strategy For Binary Options—Illustration

In the first transaction is in CALL “Purchase” positive, the second tells us in PUT “Sale” which comes out negative, and the third is again CALL “Purchase” positive, the fourth is PUT “Sale” positive and finally CALL “Purchase “In positive.

Chances Of Success

High, if we have experience in using the best binary software, and we are good analysts detected trend in the financial market, we know how to follow the movements in the charts and above all diversify we have a high degree of success.

Medium If you are a beginner, you should detect the trend of the quote calmly and see graphs, again and again, see the history of the quote to see if it is advisable to use it in this financial producer.