Types of free Ads that can be best for business owners

By now, it is obvious that you are already aware of the power of free ads. These can be used in various different ways and combinations. They can also offer you with long lasting results for success. They offer with highest reach to target potential customers.

So, if you have made up your mind to run free ads, then it is certain that you need to be aware of the type of ads you can run for your benefit. Based on the usability, you may have to make right selection of the advertisement.

Image Ads

These are ideal if you are planning to run your ads on social media platform or on mobile devices. They offer users with long lasting effects. In few cases, it has been noticed that images can promote your product or services much better as compared to text based ads.

The type and specifications may vary depending on the type of product or service you are promoting. The best part is that adding images to any business page is also an easy task. To get started these are always the best options available.

Video Ads

When you want to post free ads video ads are always available as one of the options for you. They can easily be added to your social media business page and links can be circulated to your fan list. When posting video ads you have to try and create one that is more effective and conveys your message to your audiences. The objective has to be selected as per your own requirements.


These are specific types of ads that require worked out specs that is in the ratio 1:1. Using this technique you can also try and post around 10 or more images in a single advertisement. This is beneficial for individuals who are making use of free advertisement services for running their campaigns. You can also add text to your ad for your users as headline or introduction for your product.


This is a type of free ad that is designed to be displayed on entire mobile screen. The ad is more effective and offers with better quality graphics. The moment you decide to select canvassing, you have to try and create something that is creative and appealing.

There are a few free services that offer with canvassing options. if you select classifieds ads, then you can also make selection of canvassing options free of cost.

The fact is that to post free ads you can always make selection of your preferred type that proves helpful for your business promotion.