Digital Media and What It Means

In a digital age, the term digital agency seems almost redundant. Which company doesn’t work digitally? If a company is committed to print or analogue in general, it will have a hard time in a market that is expanding its horizons more and more towards digitization.

Updated Classic Advertisement

In a nutshell, a digital agency is the most updated form of the classic advertising agency.

While it originally focused on the external presentation of its customers with print advertising, digital agencies have transferred this principle to the digital area: websites and social media marketing are the new digital communication, and one’s corporate presence on the Internet is the new business card.

The Definition of Digital

Just as the world of media is subject to constant change, the agency sector and the term digital agency are also changing. If you look at the literal meaning of the word in order to arrive at a definition of the digital agency, then digital means nothing else than “converted into numbers”. The Latin word digit us can be translated with a digit or finger, while the latter can also be used for counting. 

Digital media – be it photos, videos, websites, apps and programs, even (computer-written) texts – have one thing in common: They are based on a numerical code consisting of zeros and ones, which refers to the binary code that can be read by computers and machines.

The Definition of Digital Agency

In this respect, the objects that digital agencies work with can be anything that can be expressed in code. The digital agency is therefore not a specialization. It is not an expert or guru in one digital marketing channel.

Rather, it serves as an umbrella term for more specific forms of agency such as internet agencies, web agencies, software agencies or SEO agencies.

Modern advertising agencies, marketing agencies or innovative PR agencies (provided they work with digital content) can also be called digital agencies.

This speaks volume of how vague such a term can be. It is also potentially misleading.

The principle of the agency is to act as an agent, i.e. in an acting or mediating position, to offer a service for third parties. Agencies support and find solutions for companies, public institutions, associations, individuals or cooperate with other agencies to expand their service.

Services of a Digital Agency

Just as the definition of a digital agency is diverse, the various services that it can offer are equally diverse. The scope of services is not only dependent on the specification and the skills of the agency’s team, but also on the wishes of their customers.

It is not uncommon for the agency product to be further developed and shaped by individual requirements and new needs. Terms such as full-service marketing, agile software development and all-round management are evidence of a fluid market to which service providers have to adapt flexibly. Selecting the right media agency such as VIA Media ( can be the difference between a successful digital media campaign and a mediocre one.

Web Design and Web Development

Some digital agencies specialize in web design, web development, internet agencies or web agencies. For them, a professional website for companies, institutions is at the center of their work. The website creation can mean a new development from scratch or the relaunching of an existing website. This is especially so nowadays, where the use of responsive web design is an important point when creating or optimizing a website.