Advantages of ordering a bespoke ice blasting booth

Ordering a ready-to-use, turnkey, mass-produced ice blasting booth is certainly a cost-effective and timely purchase, and with facilities around the world manufacturing these in bulk, they’re readily available for order. At the time, this may seem like the obvious solution and purchase for your business. However, in the long run, they fall short on many fronts compared to a customised ice blasting facility. Bespoke ice blasting booths aren’t only manufactured for you but also tailored specifically to your business requirements. 

Manufacturers that are short of time and funding can often favour the purchase of a mass-produced ice blasting booth. However, a bespoke ice blasting booth helps you cut the costs long-term and makes significant improvements to your production efficiency. While also reducing occupational hazards, long term maintenance & support costs, and turnover. 

Ice blasting machines use dry ice as a blasting agent to remove paint, mould, dirt, rust and many other contaminants & unwanted coatings across a wide range of surfaces. As such, this ice blasting technology is used in a wide range of industries, including tire manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, packaging plants and more. This preferred method for cleaning surfaces requires bespoke built booths to guarantee safety and efficiency during your production. Below are some factors that you should consider when buying a readymade or custom-made ice blasting booth. 

Improves production line efficiency: A custom-built ice blasting booth is tailored to your production line and its specific requirements. When built by a team of specialist industrial equipment manufacturers, they focus on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics to reduce cost and manufacturing processing. A production line that is not efficient can increase production costs, with readymade machines & equipment adding to your production efficiency woes as it hasn’t been manufactured to fit your unique business requirements. This can add delays or obstacles to the business, which in turn, decreases production line efficiency.  

Compliant with safety standards: When you order a tailored ice blasting booth, you can rest assured that it will be constructed based on Occupational Health Services Australia (OHSA) guidelines. Your booth will be personalised to your existing manufacturing/production line, so it complies with both health, safety and production standards.

Common hazards associated with abrasive blasting include dust, hazardous chemicals, and other risks associated with the use of facility equipment. As per the OHSA guidelines for abrasive blasting, it is the duty of the person conducting the business to ensure that workers and other persons are not exposed to health and safety risks that may arise from abrasive blasting. Though similar, every country and state can have their own unique safety measures specific to its workplace. Skilled and expert industry equipment manufacturers are aware of safety requirements specific to the location of your business and ensure that the equipment they build adheres to those safety standards. 

Lower maintenance cost: Custom-built ice blasting booths excel in quality and require less maintenance than turnkey booths. In addition to manufacturing and delivering your customised booth, DRYSYS will also fully train your employees in all required booth operation duties and procedures. This will allow you to get the most out of your booth without outsourcing operations & maintenance teams. 

Additionally, the manufacturers commission local equipment suppliers to design and build machineries. This means that a local manufacturer is always available for routine or emergency maintenance. This reduces your long-term maintenance cost while also allowing your business operations to continue unhindered. 

Improved automation: A bespoke equipment manufacturer has the capabilities to design the ice blasting booth so that it fits seamlessly into your production line, facilitating automation. A custom-designed ice blasting booth can be equipped with tech systems that can boost production and satisfy your unique business requirements. Improved automation via custom engineered equipment and technology can boost your business’s entire operation process. This allows you to divert your talent and human resources into other business areas such as development, innovation, quality control and expansion.

Custom-built ice blasting booths achieve better output while providing a financially viable solution to business operations. Get in touch with DRYSYS, a bespoke engineering company that specialises in the design, development, engineering and construction of industrial ovens, plants, fluid systems, paint finishing facilities and more.