Account receivables, recapitulated as AR or A/R, are legitimately enforceable claims for payment held by a company or a small business for the goods and services that customers have not paid yet. Therefore, firms need to document ARs, considering it is the lifeblood that keeps the cash flow cycle. That is why enterprises need to have business accounting software or even invoice maker software to supervise ARs decently.

Although much of accounts receivables control focuses on financial transactions, good customer service can also drive its optimization in business. For example, sending invoices via email before mailing them can speed up due dates because consumers commonly receive the invoice earlier. Likewise, with few purchasers that do not pay promptly, the phone is often the best communication tool.

A successful business should also be in contact with clients regularly, preferably daily. This endeavor is to assure that they are paying accounts receivables. Delaying invoice is a sure way to have the organization hit tough financial times or have unpaid accounts.

However, there are instances when consumers are hard to reach because they moved or are out of the country. If this scenario is the case, some companies specialize in contacting clients that may not be in regular contact with the business.

Another advantage and disadvantage of accounts receivables financing are that it allows businesses to use credit to finance their operations. Receivable’s financing can indeed provide a corporation instant credit, but this merit is ordinarily short-term and limited in amount. This constituent only means that an enterprise cannot use its credit for purchasing major capital equipment, investing in additional inventory, purchasing raw materials, and so on.

On the other hand, factoring companies extend credit limits to account holders until they have made certain repayments to keep them from going out of business, so they can use this as an opportunity to gain long-term credit.

Suppose you are new in the business industry and having trouble managing your account receivables; KIPPIN accumulated some of these helpful tips and created an infographic below:

5 Ways to Better Manage Your Accounts Recievables