Social Selling and More With CRm

With social selling, you can make sales efforts at those times of the workday, where you may have difficulty getting through on the phone to him. For example, you can write posts or articles, post videos or podcast episodes, share a guide with tips and tricks, or otherwise make your expertise visible through the news stream on LinkedIn. The use of the best crm systems  comes useful here.

The Other Parts

Besides that it can help increase your sales efficiency, it’s also about the fact that the modern decision maker on average takes 60 percent of the buying process even before they grab a seller or company. This means that the decision-maker largely seeks knowledge and inspiration. You can do just that by making asynchronous efforts to create content that your customers find – either through LinkedIn and other social media sites or Google. Using the whole system as a faculty portal is also popular now.

Social selling gives you access to new weapons of sale

By combining your classic sales efforts with the social selling methodology, you actually get a few extra sales weapons in the hunt for new customers for your business. So you get some extra tools to communicate with both current and potential new customers, and to brand weapons that you can use almost anywhere in the expanded sales funnel.

But before we tell you about the extra sales weapons you can get through social selling, let’s start by talking about the sales weapon that you as a classic salesperson use.

The Essential Chances

You are most likely using what we call the sales clerk. You use it all the time in relation to cold canvas, customer meetings, ordering and follow-up. That’s why you also know the sales clerk in and out and you can shoot with it quickly. The problem, however, is that the sales runner is not very accurate. In fact, you have to stand pretty close to your target to hit the spot. Also you need to know what is crm software.

When you start working with the social selling methodology, you get two brand new sales weapons. The first is a shotgun, which is characterized by being able to fire large numbers of small shotguns with great force and a relatively large spread towards up to several targets at a time. The range (ie the length of the shot), on the other hand, is limited and the precision may be so, but if you point in the right direction the effect can be great.

The analogy between the shotgun and the social selling mindset is that by making posts on LinkedIn you can emerge in the news stream of your network. One post is popularly said to be the shotgun cartridge as we shoot out towards the network in order to achieve as wide a spread as possible.

Last Words

This allows you to communicate from one to many in a very effective way, i.e. from your own LinkedIn profile to your network and the network’s network. In fact, it will not be uncommon for thousands of views if otherwise the post is relevant and captures the interest of the network. The last new weapon you get by using the social selling method is a rifle. We use this to create one-to-one precision dialogs, that is, where you use the message feature on LinkedIn to communicate with a current or potential new customer.