Software To Create Custom Invitation Card Designs

Special ceremonies require special people, family, and friends. And what can be perfect than well-designed invitation cards, inviting your families and friends to join you in celebrating and making the event a memorable one.

Whether you want to create an invitation card, invites for a birthday celebration, or wedding invitation designs (desain undangan pernikahan, which is the term in Indonesia), you need two things, namely: software to create the invitation and a creative mind.

There is a lot of available software that helps to create a stunning and professional invitation with an exclusive touch. You can use online invitation makers if you don’t want to download any software that can be used on tablets and also platform-independent. Some of them include:

EDraw Max

This is a multi-purpose software used to make invitation card designs. This software is suitable for professional users who use it more frequently than seldom users.

Apart from using this software to create invitation cards, it can also be used to make a project chart, electrical diagram, network diagram, mind map, floor plans, science illustration, organizational chart, and flow chart.


This is a suitable professional tool for creating invitation cards. It provides acclaimed industry editing tools for photo editing, tracing, layout, illustration, graphics, amongst others.

It has a live sketch tool for creating illustrations on your card, the ability to create complex designs and layouts,  get access to creative vector tools along with over 2000 high-resolution images, and 1000 clip art, apply custom-built color harmonies, apply and manage transparencies and fills.


This is a well-known web-based designing tool that makes a designing process simple. Canva comprises of ready-made templates for creating invitation cards which helps to choose and customize to your taste.

It offers all the necessary gears for editing templates, including the ability to add shapes, image cropper, grids to create icons, charts, frames, lines, collage, etc.