Planning to Live in Arkansas? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Arkansas is the third cheapest state in America. People love it for its natural beauty. The major charm here is that it is bordered by six other states like Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.

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The best of things about Arkansas:

  1. It is one of the cheapest states to live in Arkansas. The cost of owning a new house is less as compared to any other state as it is the second lowest listing price in the US.
  2. The state has the 10th lowest property tax benefit in the nation. In fact, people working in the armed forces do not have to pay any income tax.
  3. This is the best place for its natural beauty like waterfalls, lakes, rivers, mountains, and many more.
  4. For people who want to live in the state capital of Little Rock or the small town of cave springs, they are very homely people and love to stay with only close people. They show a lot of respect to people with welcoming appearances.
  5. You will love the home cooking food here. Especially the one called “Little Rock” which is a paradise for the food lover.

Things which you would want to avoid in Arkansas:

  1. The sales tax here is the highest as compared to any other state.
  2. Though it is full of natural beauty, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to amenities where you will find a lot of commercial shopping centers and many more such things to come.
  3. One of the worse things you will find here would be mosquitos everywhere. Also, there are venomous snakes like rattlesnakes, cotton mouths, and copperheads which can be found everywhere.
  4. As their specialty is home food cooking, you will still see a high number of obese people out here.
  5. There are certain laws that you will find in every state including Arkansas. You can’t yell at kids in drive-in restaurants. It is illegal. Also, you cannot honk at the sandwich shop after 9 pm.

When it comes to climate, Arkansas has a humid subtropical climate. It is a milder climate with hot summers. There are also threats of natural calamities like flooding, hurricanes, high winds, tornados, winter/summer storms, and earthquakes.

When it comes to traffic and transportation, Arkansas is one of the first one to start with an interstate highway system. You will get a lot of transportation options to enjoy the natural beauty within this state. Also, this place has a lot of famous musicians and civil rights activists too for you to remember.