One of the most common concerns of companies that have adopted their employees’ devices for work is securing data. With the increase in hiring work-from-home or remote employees, drawing the line between their professional and personal life using the same apparatus can be hard to balance. Because of this, new regulatory standards are set in place to ensure data privacy without compromising a company’s compliance with the government.

Most businesses that have been subject to compliance assessment see the pressing importance of using AT&T SMS archiving and other solutions. However, not all offices experience a great deal of monitoring employees’ mobile devices. Let us share what you need to assess before availing of a business archiving structure to suit your business. 

Mobile Archiving Solution: The Compliance Case

We all know that many businesses today are prone to cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. But aside from these, the failure to keep a record of employees’ mobile communication with their employers and clients increases the risk.

In evaluating a mobile archiving solution, check its coverage. Is it an archiving tool with text messages to voice captures like WhatsApp call monitoring, MMS, instant messages, or chat that captures all these? Does the archiving application also work using different platforms like Signal, WeChat, or WhatsApp? You have a solid archiving solution that can safely deliver content to its centralized archive server if the answer to the questions above is yes.

A good text ad call monitoring solution should also be able to cover the complexity of archiving even when a device is a multiple network carrier. Like its other features, it is of equal importance that monitoring regulatory compliance applies to the networks and devices that are rapidly increasing. This will help empower teams to easily define their policies in flagging sensitive and suspicious activities in real-time. 

When businesses are confident in using a mobile archiving tool for their daily business dealings, intelligent and safe mobile communication for all people involved is achieved. Learn more about mobile archivers through this infographic by TeleMessage.